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Journey to the Dark Side of the Web

Everyone’s heard about the so-called Dark Web: the shadowy side of the internet where everything from ransomware kits and phishing instructions to fake passports and credit card numbers are up for sale.

Now, get the details on who’s buying, what’s selling, and how this creates major cybersecurity issues. Join Tony Anscombe, ESET's global security evangelist, for this webinar tour of the internet’s dark side. You’ll learn how easy it can be to purchase key loggers, ransomware packages, fake websites and more—as well as how to protect yourself and your data.

Topics include:

-Deep Web, Dark Web, Tor network: What are they?

-What types of data and software are being marketed

-Criminal motivations: from money to politics

-Protecting data with multilayered security

Webinar details:

Journey to the Dark Side of the Web Duration: 30 minutes January 30, 2019 11:00 AM A brief Q&A will be included

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