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Implementation & Configuration 

With any successful software implementation there are certain steps that need to be taken in advance. 

Our team at DSolution work with you to make sure the project is planned and executed with no downtime to your environment


Outlining the plan and project of the business requirements the software will fulfill.


The allocated time to install the software and configure all its standard capabilities.

Report Writing

The process of creating reports from the new software.


The roll out the new solution to the users in a live environment.

Process Design 

Time spent to design the processes that will be delivered within the new software.​​​


Collaborative elements of the solution unique to the organization.


Transfer of knowledge to assist train people to use the new software.

Project Management 

The organization and supervision all the people involved in the project.

Solution Design

Mapping out the business requirements and processes to the software.​​


Phase spent to integrate existing software with the new software.


Time used to test the solution to ensure it supports the processes and requirements.

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